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Do you need machine, equipment, tooling, accessory? - has been built to save your time and help you find Equipment suitable for your business. Just choose from the options below and Sellers will contact you directly with sale offers.

Post a FREE Wanted Ad with machine or equipment that you are looking for - it will be displayed in WANTED EQUIPMENT section, viewable to all visitors.

Submit a FREE Request for needed machine, equipment, tooling or accessory - it will be presented to advertising members so they can respond directly to you.

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As a member you will be able also:

  • Create more Wanted Ads
  • Advertise your company in Directory
  • Sell your equipment if you need to
  • Use ContactMail System to communicate with other members
  • Receive News and Updates

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Looking for equipment?

Can't find machine suitable for your needs?

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It is absolutely FREE and with ContactMail Communication System your email address will be kept in privacy and protected from spam.

Want to sell equipment?

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  • Each ad is displayed in all available language versions and therefore is well accessible through multilingual searches.

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