ID#16949, make AMADA, model FO4020NT ; 4000 WATT AMADA GEMINI FO4020NT FLYING OPTIC.
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 Sale Status: CLOSED
 Id# 16949
 Ref: 9774
 Manufacturer: AMADA
 Model: FO4020NT
 Year: ( Used )
 Location: USA
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4000 WATT AMADA GEMINI FO4020NT FLYING OPTIC, HIGH SPEED, DUAL PALLET LASER SYSTEM W/ APPROX. 22,454 HOURS MANUFACTURED: 2005 Technical Specifications 1.1 Motion Package Travel Method: Stationary table, X, Y and Z-axis movement for cutting head Control Method: X, Y and Z simultaneous 3 axis control.....
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 Address: Jordan Craig Machinery

151 North Main Street Suite 203
10956 New City NY
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4000 WATT AMADA GEMINI FO4020NT FLYING OPTIC 16949 / 9774, Make: AMADA, Model: FO4020NT
Listed by Jordan Craig Machinery - New AMADA FO4020NT , surplus AMADA FO4020NT , refurbished AMADA FO4020NT , used AMADA FO4020NT and other used machinery, equipment and tools you can find at Category Lasers listing includes equipment: 1995, Amada LCV Beta 2412 B II, Amada, LCV Beta 2412 B II; 1990, Bystronic Bylas 3015-2, Bystronic Laser AG, Bylas 3015-2; 0, Zygo 1201B LASER MICROMETER INSPECTION EQUIPMENT,, Zygo, 1201B; 0, 2000 Watts 99" X Axis Amada PULSAR LC2415XLA3 LASER, FANUC 160i-L - 32 bit, Amada PULSAR, LC2415XLA3; 1999, Laser Cutter, CINCINNATI, CL-6; 2007, Laser Cutter AMADA PULSAR 1212NT, 4000 WATT, MFG:2007, INSTALLED: 2008, EXTREMELY LOW HRS. , Amada, Pulsar 1212NT; 2005, 2000 WATT AMADA PULSAR 2415NTA3 CNC LASER MFG: 2005 - APPROX. 8,200 HOURS , Amada, Pulsar 2415NT3; 2003, Laser Cutter TRUMPF,TCL3030,4000 WATT, SIEMANS, 5 X 10 DUAL PALLET, MFG: 2003 , Trumpf, TCL3030; 2008, Laser Cutter AMADA PULSAR LC2415NT4,2500 WATT, MFG:2008 LOW HOURS , Amada, Pulsar LC2415NT4; 2005, Laser Cutter MITSUBISHI ML3015LVP, 4000 WATT, 5 X 10, MFG:2005 , Mitsubishi, ML3015LVP;... and is only one among many listed different machinery and equipment categories. If you are looking for equipment made by AMADA such as listed FO4020NT AMADA ; 4000 WATT AMADA GEMINI FO4020NT FLYING OPTIC 16949 / 9774 or AMADA PULSAR LC1212A2 2000 WATT,28,300 HOURS,NEW TURBO BLOWER @23,400,1998 make: AMADA; Amada,Gemini FO-3015NT,4,000 Watt,5\'x10\',Mfg:2005, Approx Hours:45,000 make: AMADA; 88 Ton,Amada RG80S, NC9EX 3-axis Back Gauge, Mfg:1985 make: AMADA; 55 Ton x 48\" AMADA FBDIII5012NT,Mfg: 2007, make: AMADA; 55 Ton, Amada, FBD5020, NC9EXII 3-AXIS CNC, 78.74\" O.A.,MFG:1989 make: AMADA; 138 Ton, AMADA FBD1253NT, \"UP-ACTING\" CNC PRESS BRAKE, MFG:2001 make: AMADA; 138 TON X 118\" AMADA FBD1253NT \"UP-ACTING\" CNC PRESS BRAKE MFG:2001 make: AMADA; 138 TON X 118\" AMADA FBD1253NT \"UP-ACTING\" CNC PRESS BRAKE MFG:1999 make: AMADA; 138 TON X 118\" AMADA FBD1253NT \"UP-ACTING\" CNC PRESS BRAKE MFG:1999 make: amada; 33 Ton, AMADA, VIPROS 358 KINGII, FANUC 18P, 4 A/I.MP1225NJ LOAD/UNLOAD MFG:1999 make: AMADA; 33 TON AMADA PEGA 357 TURRET PUNCH W/FANUC O4PC CNC CONTROL MFG: 1994 make: Amada; Amada EM-2510NT used turret punch pressWith AMNC NT control Mfg:2006 - Installed new:2007 Line Spec Ready make: AMADA; AMADA LC3015F1NT 4000 WATT,5\' X 10\',MFG:2010 INSTALLED NEW:2011 APPROX.9,500HRS make: AMADA; 55 Ton, AMADA FBDIII5020NT \"UP-ACTING\" 7-AXIS NT CONTROL, MFG:2000 make: AMADA; 88 TON X 98.6\" AMADA FBD 8025F \"UP-ACTING\", NC9F CONTROL, MFG:1992 make: AMADA; 33 Ton, AMADA, APELIOIII 357V, FANUC 16L, 2000 WATT, MFG:1999 make: AMADA; 22 Ton, AMADA EM2510NT, AMNC NT CNC,50\" X 100\" SERVO DRIVEN,MFG:2008 make: AMADA; 22 TON,AMADA,APELIO III 2510VL,FANUC 160 IL,2KW LASER NEW:2003, make: AMADA; 55 Ton, AMADA, COMA 567 46STA.,6\" STA, FANUC O4PC(RETROFIT)MFG:1980 make: AMADA; 33 TON, AMADA,VIPROS 368 KING II, FANUC 18P CNC CONTROL,MFG:1998 make: AMADA; or any other equipment - place your wanted ad at for FREE. If you have for sale Lasers, Make: AMADA and want to offer it to the Buyers, sign in to - The Used and Surplus Machinery Marketplace
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