Surplus & Used Machinery and Equipment
Abrasive & Friction Saws (13)
Abrasive Flow Hones (1)
Air Presses
Aircraft Strut Grinders
Airless Shot Blasting Machines
Alligator Shears
Angle & Bar Shears
Angle Bending Rolls (4)
Angle Head Cylindrical Grinders (1)
Angle Heads
Angle Plates (43)
Apron Brakes (51)
Arbor Presses (23)
Automatic Chuckers, Multi - Spindle (2)
Automatic Chuckers, Single Spindle (1)
Automatic Drilling & Tapping Machines
Automatic Screw Machines, Multi - Spindle (11)
Automatic Screw Machines, Single Spindle (8)
Automatic Threading Lathes
Automatic Turret Lathes
Automatics (1)
Automotive Grinders
Balancers (3)
Balers, All Types (1)
Ball & Pebble Mills
Ballscrew Grinders & Ball Grinders
Band Saw Blade Welder
Banding Machines & Lines
Bar & Billet Shears (3)
Bar Feeds & Bar Loaders (16)
Bar Turners (1)
Beam Lines & Beam Punches
Bearing Race Grinders (1)
Belt Grinders (100)
Benders (Various Types) (5)
Bending & Curving Rolls (2 Roll Type)
Bevelers (11)
Blanking Presses
Blast Cleaning Machines (15)
Bolt Circle Drills
Bolt Makers
Boring Bars for HBM's (2)
Boring Heads (14)
Boring Lathes
Boring Machines, Double End (1)
Boring Machines, Single End (1)
Boring Mills ( Borers ) (33)
Boring Mills, Horizontal, Table Type (26)
Box Tables (1)
Briquetting Presses, Hydraulic
Broach Sharpeners & Grinders
Broaches (1)
Broaching Machines, Continuous Chain
Broaching Machines, Horizontal
Broaching Machines, Vertical (9)
Butt Welders
Cam Millers
Carbide Grinders (6)
Casting Machines (1)
Center Hole Grinders (4)
Center Lapping Machines (8)
Centering Machines (1)
Centering Reels
Centerless Grinders (45)
Centrifuges (Metalworking) (1)
Chamfering Machines (2)
Change Gears
Chemical & Process Equipment (1)
Chip Conveyors
Chip Wringers
Chucking Grinders
Circle Shears (6)
Circular Cold Saws (10)
Clicker (Die Cutting) Presses (6)
CNC Angle Head Cylindrical Grinders (1)
CNC Blanking Shears
CNC Chuckers (Lathes Without Tailstocks)
CNC Combination Lathes, 3 axis or more (1)
CNC Control Parts (35)
CNC Drilling & Tapping Machines
CNC Floor Type Horizontal Boring Mills (5)
CNC Folding Machines (4)
CNC Gantry Mills
CNC Gear Grinders
CNC Gear Hobbers (1)
CNC Gear Shapers
CNC Horizontal Milling Machines (1)
CNC ID / Internal Grinders
CNC Jig Borers (5)
CNC Jig Grinders (4)
CNC Jig Mills (Devlieg's)
CNC Lathes (Various) (14)
CNC Lathes, Flat Bed (37)
CNC Multi-Spindle Vertical Boring Mills
CNC Pipe, Tube & Bar Benders
CNC Planer Mills (3)
CNC Power Squaring Shears (3)
CNC Ram Type EDM Machines (10)
CNC Roll Lathes
CNC Rotary Tables (23)
CNC Routers (1)
CNC Single Station Punches (10)
CNC Surface Grinders (25)
CNC Swiss Type Automatic Screw Machines (13)
CNC Table Type Horizontal Boring Mills (17)
CNC Tool & Cutter Grinders (2)
CNC Turning Centers - CNC Lathes (253)
CNC Turret Punch Presses (23)
CNC Universal Cylindrical Grinders (9)
CNC Universal Milling Machines (3)
CNC Vertical Boring Mills & Vertical Turret Lathes (14)
CNC Vertical Grinders, Universal Type
CNC Vertical Milling Machines (46)
Coil Cars
Coil Coating Lines
Coil Cradles (9)
Coil Cradles & Straighteners (12)
Coil End Joiners
Coil Lifters
Coil Machines (1)
Coil Reels
Coil Reels & Straighteners
Coil Winders
Cold Headers
Cold Saws & Carbide Saws (Ferrous) (18)
Cold Saws & Carbide Saws (Non-Ferrous) (16)
Collets & Collet Chucks (10)
Conveyors, Material Handling (5)
Coordinate Measuring Machines (12)
Copy or Tracer Milling Machines
Crankshaft Grinders
Crankshaft Lathes
Crankshaft Milling Machines
Creep Feed Surface Grinders
Crimping & Beading Machines (24)
Crush-Type OD Grinders (like Sheffield's
Curvic Coupling Grinders
Cut - Off Presses (3)
Cut - To - Length Lines (2)
Deburring Machines (5)
Deep Throat Presses (5)
Dial Feed Presses
Die Casting Machines
Die Handlers / Die Flippers
Die Heads
Die Lift Tables
Die Spotting / Tryout Presses
Dividing Heads (1)
Double & Triple Action Presses (1)
Double Action Toggle Presses
Double Disc Grinders
Double Housing Metal Planers
Draw Benches
Drill Grinders (33)
Drills (Various Types) (7)
Drop Hammers
Duplex Production Mills
Edgers & Edge Forming Machines (1)
Electrical Transformers
Electron Beam Welders
Engine Lathes (159)
Engraving Machines (19)
Extrusion Presses
Eyelet & Transfer Presses
Face Grinders (1)
Faceplates (2)
Facing Heads (for HBM's) (4)
Feeder Straighteners (16)
Feeders, Air
Feeders, Mechanical, Servo, Etc. (3)
Fine Blanking Presses
Finger Brakes, Box & Pan Brakes (42)
Finned Tube Presses
Floor Plates (for HBM's) (8)
Floor Type Horizontal Boring Mills (3)
Flying Shears
Foot Shears & Hand Powered Shears (9)
Forging Hammers (2)
Forging Machines (Various)
Forging Presses
Forging Rolls
Form Grinders (2)
Friction Welders
Gap Bed Engine Lathes
Gap Frame Presses, Double Crank
Gap Frame Presses, Single Crank (1)
Gear Cutters (or HOB) Grinders
Gear Cutters, Gashers
Gear Deburrers
Gear Generators, Bevel (1)
Gear Generators, Herringbone
Gear Grinders (4)
Gear Hobbers, Horizontal (2)
Gear hobbing machines (7)
Gear Honers
Gear Lappers
Gear Quenching Presses
Gear Rack Shapers
Gear Shapers
Gear Shavers
Gear Testers
Gear Tooth Chamfering Machines
Granite Surface Plates (12)
Grinder Attachments (35)
Grinders (12)
Grinding Spindles (15)
Grinding Wheel Dressers (10)
Gun Drills & Deep Hole Drills (1)
Hack Saws
Hand Mills, Hand Milling Machines
Hand Operated Bending Rolls
Hardware Insertion Presses For Sheetmetal (17)
Heated Platen Presses
High Speed Presses (17)
Hollow Spindle Engine Lathes (10)
Hones / Honing Machines (Various)
Hones, Horizontal (38)
Horizontal Band Saws (25)
Horizontal Benders (Bulldozers)
Horizontal Drilling Machines (1)
Horizontal Lathes (22)
Horizontal Machining Centers (HMC's) (30)
Horizontal Milling Machines (2)
Horizontal Milling Machines, Plain Table (9)
Horizontal Milling Machines, Universal Table (13)
Horizontal Presses
Horizontal Spindle Production Mills (3)
Horn Presses
Hydraulic C-Frame Presses (46)
Hydraulic Double Action Presses
Hydraulic H-Frame Presses (33)
Hydraulic Power Units
Hydraulic Presses, 4 Post (10)
Hydroforming & Rubber Bladder Presses
Hydrotel Milling Machines, Vertical Head
ID / Internal Grinders (19)
Index Table Drills, Center Column
Indexers (for Milling Machines) (5)
Industrial Plants
Initial Pinch Plate Bending Rolls (16)
Ironworkers (12)
Jackknife Drills
Jig Borers (19)
Jig Grinders (22)
Jig Mills (Devlieg's)
Kick & Foot Presses
Knife & Shear Blade Grinders
Knuckle Joint Presses (3)
Laminating Presses
Lappers (Various) (1)
Lapping Machines (7)
Lathe Chucks (13)
Lathe Steady Rests
Lathe Taper Attachments
Lathe Tooling (1)
Lathe Type Pipe & Bar Cut - Off Machines (5)
Lathes (Various) (63)
Lathes T Type, Facing Lathes (15)
Layout Drills (2)
Layout Machines
Layout Tables
Lifting Magnets
Load / Unload Systems (4)
Loader/Unloader (for CNC Punch Presses)
Machining Centers (Various Types) (4)
Magazine Type Bar Feeds (12)
Magnetic Chucks (13)
Manual Turret Punch Presses (6)
Metal Expanders
Metal Shapers, Horizontal (4)
Metal Slotters (Vert. Shapers) (1)
Metal Spinning Lathes
Mig & Tig Arc Welders (21)
Milling Heads (2)
Milling Machines (Various Types) (6)
Multi-Spindle & Production Drills (18)
Nail Making Machines
New Bending Rolls (146)
New CNC Lathes (28)
New CNC Mills, VMC'S (16)
New Cylindrical Grinders (80)
New Drill Presses (174)
New Horizontal Band Saws (31)
New Horizontal Mills (4)
New Ironworkers (55)
New Lathes (425)
New Pipe Benders (54)
New Press Brakes (198)
New Radial Drills (50)
New Shears (230)
New Surface Grinders (62)
New Vertical Bend Saws (12)
New Vertical Mills (109)
Nibblers (4)
No Classification (3)
Notching Machines (38)
Nut Formers
Nut Tappers
O.B.I. Presses, Back Geared (26)
O.B.I. Presses, Flywheel Type (106)
Oil Groovers
Openside Metal Planers
Other Metalworking Machinery (4)
Outboard Supports For Boring Mills
Pallet Changers For CNC Machining Centers (1)
Parts Formers
Pedestal & Bench Grinders (9)
Pickling Lines
Pinion Stands
Pipe & Bolt Threaders (1)
Pipe Mills (1)
Pipe, Tube & Bar Benders (7)
Plain Cylindrical Grinders (41)
Planer Mills (9)
Planer Type Horizontal Boring Mills
Plate Bending Rolls (2)
Plate Levelers, Roller Type
Plate Saws
Plating Equipment
Polishing & Buffing Equipment (5)
Powder Metal Presses
Power Squaring Shears (Gauges) (26)
Power Squaring Shears (Inches) (47)
Precision Lathes (39)
Press Brake Dies (2)
Press Brakes (107)
Press Brakes with CNC Back Gauges (110)
Press Brakes, Hydraulic (73)
Press Brakes, Mechanical (9)
Press Feeds (12)
Presses (Various Types) (24)
Production Lines (1)
Profile Grinders (3)
Progressive Die Headers
Punch & Die Grinders (1)
Punch / Laser Combo (3)
Punches & Dies (13)
Punches & Shears (52)
Pyramid - Type Plate Bending Rolls
Rack Milling Machines
Radial Arm Drills (35)
Radial Arm Saws
Rail Drills
Ram Type EDM Machines (27)
Ram Type Swiveling Head Milling Machines (1)
Ram Type Turret Lathes (8)
Recoilers (6)
Right Angle Heads (4)
Ring & Rim Rollers
Rivet Spinners
Riveters (17)
Roll Formers (7)
Roll Grinders
Roll Lathes
Rolling Mills, All Type
Rotary Surface Grinders, Horizontal Spindle (18)
Rotary Surface Grinders, Vertical Spindle (24)
Rotary Tables (44)
Rotary Transfer Machines (2)
Saddle Type Turret Lathes (2)
Saw Blade Grinders (1)
Saw Sharpeners
Saws (Various Types) (4)
Scrap Choppers (3)
Scrap Winders
Screw Driver Machines
Screw Slotters
Seam Welders, All Types
Second Operation Lathes (9)
Shear Blades
Sheet Lifters
Sheet Slitters
Sheet Stackers
Single Spindle Drill Presses (55)
Single Station Punches, Fabricators (18)
Slag Grinders
Sliding Bed Gap Engine Lathes (3)
Slitters (2)
Slitting Lines & Slears (2)
Slotting Attachment, for a Milling Machines
Speed Lathes (10)
Spline Grinders
Spline Hobbers
Spline Mills
Spline Rollers
Spot Facing Machines
Spot Welders, All Types (31)
Spring Coilers (14)
Storage & Retrieval Systems
Straight SIDe Double Crank Presses (9)
Straight SIDe Single Crank Presses (Sssc (2)
Straighteners (31)
Straightening Presses (18)
Strapping Machines
Stretch Forming Machines
Strip Welders
Surface Grinders (189)
Surface Grinders, Hand Feed (100)
Swagers (9)
Swiss Type Automatic Screw Machines
Tank Turning Rolls (3)
Tap / Metal Disintegrators (25)
Tap Grinders (2)
Tapping Machines (12)
Thread Grinders, External
Thread Grinders, Internal
Thread Milling Machines
Thread Rollers (2)
Thru Feed Grinders
Tombstones, For CNC Machining Centers
Tool & Cutter Grinders (112)
Tool Holders (19)
Tool Post Grinders (6)
Tool Presetters (3)
Tool Storage Cabinets (1)
Tooling & Accessories - Boring Mills (1)
Tooling & Accessories - CNC (2)
Tooling & Accessories - EDM (7)
Tooling & Accessories - Fabricating (2)
Tooling & Accessories - Grinding (1)
Tooling & Accessories - Plastic Equip
Tooling & Accessories - Presses (2)
Tooling & Accessories - Screw Machines
Tooling & Accessories - Toolroom (10)
Tooling Subplates for CNC Machines (9)
Tracer Attachments (5)
Tracer Lathes
Transfer Presses
Trim Presses (1)
Triplex Production Milling Machines
Tube & Bar Straighteners
Tube End Finishing Machinery
Tube End Forming Machinery
Tube Mills (1)
Tube Welders
Tumbling Barrels (2)
Turks Heads, For Wire
Turret Drills (4)
Turret Punches (68)
Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems
Uncoilers & Upcoilers (67)
Underdriven Presses
Universal Cylindrical Grinders (148)
Upenders, Down-Enders (5)
Vertical Band Saws (56)
Vertical Boring Mills & Turret Lathes (31)
Vertical Gear Hobbers (1)
Vertical Heads For Milling Machines (1)
Vertical Hones (13)
Vertical Lathes (42)
Vertical Machining Centers, Multi-Spindle
Vertical Machining Centers. VMC's (197)
Vertical Mills & Milling Machines (102)
Vertical Spindle Production Mills
Vertical Spindle Surface Grinders (2)
Vertical Universal Grinders (6)
Vibratory Finishers (37)
Vibratory Parts Feeders
Vises, Machinists (13)
Visual-Type Surface Grinders (4)
Washing Equipment
Wave Soldering Machines
Way Grinders
Welding Equipment (1)
Welding Manipulators
Welding Positioners (14)
Welding Table (10)
Wheel Presses, Forcing Presses (1)
Wire Cutting & Stripping Machines
Wire Drawers, Bull Blocks
Wire Drawing Machinery
Wire EDM Machines (41)
Wire Flattening Mills
Wire Forming Machinery
Wire Straighteners, Etc

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H. Roberts, Haas, Haco, Haeger, Hahn & Kolb, Hamilton, Hammond, Hannifin, Hansford-Davis, Hansvedt, Hardinge , Harig, Harperizer, Harrison, Hartford, Hauser, HDT, HE & M, Heald, Heavy Duty Lathe SKODA SRM 125 x 5000, Heavy Duty Lathe ZERBST DPS 1400 x 3000 / 1, Heck Industries, Heckert, Heim, Heller, Herman Stone Co., Herman-Schwabe, HES, Hey, Heyligenstaedt , Hitachi-Seiki, Hofmann, Howa, Howa-Sangyo, HTC, Hudson, Huffman, Hurco, Hutson , Hwacheon, Hybco, Hyd-Mech, Hyundai, Hyundai-Kia, Ichikawa, Iemca, Ikeda, Ikegai, IMAC, Index, Induma, INNOCENTI - INNSE (ITALY), Iridite, J & S, Jaco, Jacobs Rubberflex, Jakobsen, Jarvis, Jash, Jet, JFMT- AMURA, Johnford, Johnson, Jones & Lamson, Jones & Shipman , Jung, K K Calamar, K.O. 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