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Used Machinery Marketplace website has been created to serve as the Used Machinery online Marketplace. If you are looking for used machinery, equipment, surplus machines, tools, you can find them here presented for sale.

Our goal is to ease the contact between the sellers of used, surplus, refurbished and new machinery, and the potential buyers searching for equipment. To achieve this, we provide for our site users the Machinery For Sale Ads section including a variety of lists of equipment such as a List of Machines For Sale (Sale Status - OPEN), the NEW EQUIPMENT FOR SALE, the List of Used, Surplus and Refurbished Equipment, the List of Equipment Specifications, the List of Machinery Images, the List of Machines Sold (Sale Status - CLOSED). For those who search and want to buy machinery we recommend the Wanted Ads section. Both sections have multilingual options that allow displaying each ad in all available language versions.

Main machinery categories are: Construction and Transport Machinery with subcategories such as bulldozers, cranes, forklift trucks, lift tables, tractors. Agricultural and Farm Machinery with combines, lawn mowers, planters, plows, seeders, sprayers. Chemical and Food Processing Machinery with autoclaves, blenders, dryers, filters, homogenizers, mixers, reactors, sieves, silos, tanks and other processing equipment. Metalworking Machinery with machine tools: brakes, boring mills, grinders, CNC lathes, presses, rolls, shears as well as other metalworking equipment, tools and accessories. Plastic Machinery with chillers, mixers, molding presses, injection molding machines, plastic granulators. Woodworking Machinery with woodworking saws, woodworking lathes and various woodworking equipment. Find also other used machinery as well as surplus and new machines and equipment such as air cleaners, air compressors, dust collectors, power generators.

In addition to ads sections we offer free Directory for used machinery dealers, manufacturers and dealers of tools and equipment and for other companies connected with machinery market.

Multilingual Features

Our website is equipped in unique multilingual features. Information displayed on the multilingual pages with appropriate translations, greatly increasing perception and understanding of published machinery ads by the site visitors. Email massages translated into corresponding languages are also very helpful in establishment of the first contact between communicating international users of Used Machinery Marketplace.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the services offered at online Used Machinery Marketplace please feel free to contact us!

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Shapers)  Mig & Tig Arc Welders  Milling Heads  Milling Machines (Various Types)  Multi-Spindle & Production Drills  New Bending Rolls  New CNC Lathes  New CNC Mills, VMC'S  New Cylindrical Grinders  New Drill Presses  New Horizontal Band Saws  New Horizontal Mills  New Ironworkers  New Lathes  New Pipe Benders  New Press Brakes  New Radial Drills  New Shears  New Surface Grinders  New Vertical Bend Saws  New Vertical Mills  Nibblers  No Classification  Notching Machines  O.B.I. Presses, Back Geared  O.B.I. Presses, Flywheel Type  Other Metalworking Machinery  Pallet Changers For CNC Machining Centers  Pedestal & Bench Grinders  Pipe & Bolt Threaders  Pipe Mills  Pipe, Tube & Bar Benders  Plain Cylindrical Grinders  Planer Mills  Plate Bending Rolls  Polishing & Buffing Equipment  Power Squaring Shears (Gauges)  Power Squaring Shears (Inches)  Precision Lathes  Press Brake Dies  Press Brakes  Press Brakes with CNC Back Gauges  Press Brakes, Hydraulic  Press Brakes, Mechanical  Press Feeds  Presses (Various Types)  Production Lines  Profile Grinders  Punch & Die Grinders  Punch / Laser Combo  Punches & Dies  Punches & Shears  Radial Arm Drills  Ram Type EDM Machines  Ram Type Swiveling Head Milling Machines  Ram Type Turret Lathes  Recoilers  Right Angle Heads  Riveters  Roll Formers  Rotary Surface Grinders, Horizontal Spindle  Rotary Surface Grinders, Vertical Spindle  Rotary Tables  Rotary Transfer Machines  Saddle Type Turret Lathes  Saw Blade Grinders  Saws (Various Types)  Scrap Choppers  Second Operation Lathes  Single Spindle Drill Presses  Single Station Punches, Fabricators  Sliding Bed Gap Engine Lathes  Slitters  Slitting Lines & Slears  Speed Lathes  Spot Welders, All Types  Spring Coilers  Straight SIDe Double Crank Presses  Straight SIDe Single Crank Presses (Sssc  Straighteners  Straightening Presses  Surface Grinders  Surface Grinders, Hand Feed  Swagers  Tank Turning Rolls  Tap / Metal Disintegrators  Tap Grinders  Tapping Machines  Thread Rollers  Tool & Cutter Grinders  Tool Holders  Tool Post Grinders  Tool Presetters  Tool Storage Cabinets  Tooling & Accessories - Boring Mills  Tooling & Accessories - CNC  Tooling & Accessories - EDM  Tooling & Accessories - Fabricating  Tooling & Accessories - Grinding  Tooling & Accessories - Presses  Tooling & Accessories - Toolroom  Tooling Subplates for CNC Machines  Tracer Attachments  Trim Presses  Tube Mills  Tumbling Barrels  Turret Drills  Turret Punches  Uncoilers & Upcoilers  Universal Cylindrical Grinders  Upenders, Down-Enders  Vertical Band Saws  Vertical Boring Mills & Turret Lathes  Vertical Gear Hobbers  Vertical Heads For Milling Machines  Vertical Hones  Vertical Lathes  Vertical Machining Centers. 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